Walking Lunges

There is no doubt that walking lunges are one of the best leg exercises. There are many reasons why walking lunges and all other forms of the lunge exercise are so great. First and foremost is because you do not need to have heavy weights, or any external weights at all for them to be effective. For most people, body weight is enough to work all the major leg and gluteal muscles effectively.

When performed with proper form, walking lunges are the best functional exercise for the legs as they increase strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and of course can help you aesthetically build great looking legs and glutes. Depending on the amount of weight used, walking lunges can be performed at any point of a workout. The most common time to perform heavy walking lunges is right after squats and leg press. Light walking lunges can be performed at any time, especially at the end of a tough leg workout. The lunge exercise can also be progressed by adding split squats as in the case of the 4x lunges exercise.

walking lunges leg exercise videos combination exercises workouts videoEquipment Needed


Dumbbells, Barbell Optional


Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps


Inner/Outer Thighs (Stabilization)



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