Walking Lunges Shoulder Press

Due to your upper body being almost completely free and independent of your lower body, you can perform a number of upper body exercises while you do any form of lunges including walking lunges. Since you will likely already be holding a pair of dumbbells, you can hold them in the high hang position and perform a shoulder press in between each walking lunge.

Doing two compound exercises at once will work wonders for your metabolism, overall functional strength and coordination. While doing walking lunges you can either do the shoulder press at the bottom of your lunge or doing it while you transition to the other leg. This is probably most natural because you can pause for a second, correct your form and execute the shoulder press flawlessly.

To increase the difficulty of the walking lunges with shoulder press you can obviously use heavier weights but also perform the shoulder press while standing on a single leg. This exercise fits perfectly in any workout in which you work your legs and shoulders including fat incinerating full body workouts.


walking lunges shoulder pressRequired Fitness Equipment

Dumbbells, Kettlebells

Target Muscle(s)

Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps




Triceps Brachii



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