Walking Lunges Curl Shoulder Press

Walking lunges by themselves are one of the very best exercises for your lower body. Even if you're holding some sort of weight for extra resistance you can squeeze even more benefits by adding upper body movements to your lunges. In walking lunges with a curl and shoulder press you add an isolation exercise for your biceps and a compound exercise for your shoulders and triceps in addition to the lunges. By performing the biceps curls and shoulder press from a single-leg standing position you also work on your balance and coordination. You can perform this combination exercise at any point of any full-body workout. It is especially a great exercise if you're looking for exercises to lose weight quickly.


walking lunges curls shoulder pressRequired Fitness Equipment

Dumbbells, Kettlebells

Target Muscle(s)

Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps

Deltoids, Biceps


Calves (Gastrocnemius & Soleus)

Triceps Brachii


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