Upside Down BOSU Squats

Even though it says "Standing on the platform not recommended" directly on the flat, black side of the BOSU balance trainer you can use it for challenging balance intensive exercises such as these squats. Compared to BOSU squats on the round surface, this exercise is easier on the ankles. The exercise is great for helping you improve your balance as you will feel the muscle balance of the inner and outer thighs coming into play for the first few times you do this exercise.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this exercise is actually mounting the upside-down BOSU. The safest and easiest way to mount the BOSU is to hold on with one hand, place one foot on it, then slowly place the other foot on the BOSU and stand up. This BOSU squat can be used during any point of a BOSU ball workout but it would probably be best to use it towards the end of a workout which includes resistance training equipment in addition to the BOSU.


bosu lateral squats leg exercise videos combination exercises 
 videoRequired Fitness Equipment

BOSU Balance Trainer

Target Muscle(s)

Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps

Inner/Outer Thighs






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