Upside Down BOSU PushUp

Push-ups on the BOSU platform are very comfortable on the joints compared to the push-ups on the round surface of a single BOSU. Due to the distance apart of each grip the upside down BOSU pushup targets the triceps and anterior deltoids more than the chest as well as the core. The core is challenged by the wobbly upside-down BOSU. This exercise can be progressed by wearing a weighted vest. The upside down BOSU push-up is perfect to use towards the end of a workout which involves the chest and/or triceps but if you are just beginning you can use it as one of the first few exercises during a BOSU ball workout.

upside down bosu push-upsRequired Fitness Equipment

BOSU Balance Trainer

Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Anterior Deltoids

 Shoulder Stabilizers



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