Twisting Toe Raises

Even if you have little or no fat covering your mid-section performing crunches alone is not going to give you complete abdominal development. In order to develop your mid section musculature you need to not only work your rectus abdominis but also your core (transverse abdominis) and obliques. Twisting toe raises are a great abdominal exercise because they work both abdominals and obliques.

There are 2 primary ways to perform this exercise. The easier method is starting with your feet on the ground in front of you and performing a repetition then returning your feet from the floor. The more difficult method is keeping your legs as vertical as possible and feet in the air throughout the entire set. The twisting toe raises are not challenging enough for you, you can either add resistance via ankle weights, a medicine ball between your legs or even resistance bands. You can also try to perform the twisting hanging leg raises which are even more challenging.


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