Twisting Hanging Leg Raise

For strengthening the abdominals, the hanging leg raise may be the toughest exercise well that is until you add a twist to it. The twisting hanging leg raise is a complete core abdominal workout in a single challenging movement. The twisting hanging leg raise can be performed while hanging from a pull-up bar, using ab slings (as in the video) or even using a leg raise chair. The most important aspect of any form of hanging leg raises is to perform a reverse crunch NOT simply lift your knees in a marching motion. Since hanging leg raises are one of the more difficult abdominal exercises, they are best performed at the beginning of your abdominal workout. If the twisting hanging leg raise is too difficult for you an alternative exercise to try is the twisting toe raise.


twisting hanging leg raise oblique exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment


Target Muscle(s)


Upper & Lower Abdominals




Shoulder Stabilizers


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