Tube Triceps Kickbacks - Resistance Band Tricep Kick Back

Isolating the triceps is not the most difficult thing to do in the gym. There are many exercises that isolate the triceps but not many actually feel that they are totally isolating the triceps more than tube triceps kickbacks. Doing kickbacks with resistance bands is easily accomplished by anchoring the resistance bands to something stable that is waist high or less. Step back until the band is taut, bend over 90 degrees until your torso is parallel with the floor and extend both arms, flexing the triceps at the end before slowly returning to the starting position.

You can use both arms at the same time with dual resistance bands or concentrate on a single arm at a time. If the bent-over position is not comfortable for your lower back you can lie flat on a bench with a slight incline. The resistance band or tube triceps kickbacks is great for finishing off the triceps during any workout which involves them. For a real burn you can include the kickbacks with other triceps exercises in a superset.

tube triceps kickbacks workout videos tricep exercise videosEquipment Needed

Resistance Bands

Heavy Resistance Tube (JC Predator) Recommended

Target Muscle(s)


Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Anterior Deltoids



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