Tube Torso Rotation

Exercises which have motion predominantly in the transverse plane are commonly lacking from popular exercise programs. Obliques exercises are commonly left out of programs which leaves a huge gap not only in functional strength but the aesthetics of the mid-section. Resistance band or tube torso rotation is a basic exercise for the obliques that can strengthen the muscle as well as teach you how to recruit them.

Like most rotational exercises your fitness goals will largely determine the best way to perform them. If your goal is to strengthen and tone the oblique muscles, doing them slow and controlled is a must. By eliminating any rotation at the hip, you will isolate the obliques. If your goal is to develop explosive rotational power or functional strength it is better to allow some natural motion throughout the body and perform the action in a speed which relates to your activities.

The difficulty of the resistance band torso rotation can be controlled by 3 primary ways. First, the resistance can be increased by either using a heavier resistance band or moving further away from the anchor, increasing the stretch. The last way to increase the difficulty of the tube torso rotation is to decrease the stability of the base. This can be done by using an unstable device such as a BOSU balance trainer or stability ball or simply by putting the feet closer together.


tube torso rotation oblique exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Resistance Bands

Heavy Resistance Tube (JC Predator) Recommended

Target Muscle(s)





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