Tube Stability Ball Crunch

It seems that those obsessed with abdominal exercises are always looking at ways to increase the difficulty. If you are one of those people, you can make the already difficult stability ball crunch more challenging by adding the resistance from a band. Setting up this exercise is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is anchor a resistance band to a low point and set up the stability ball at a distance that allows manageable abdominal crunches without pulling yourself off the ball.

The most important thing to focus on when you're doing this exercise is to make sure that the stability ball does not roll around on the floor. You are taking advantage of the round surface, not it's ability to roll. This is accomplished by using a manageable resistance and making sure to completely stabilize yourself before you start the movement.

You can further increase the difficulty by allowing less of your back to be in contact with the stability ball. These resistance band or tube stability ball crunches can be performed at any time during your abdominal workout.

tube stability ball crunch 6pack ab exercise videos six pack absEquipment Needed

Stability Ball

Resistance Tube

Heavy Resistance Tube (JC Predator) Recommended






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