Tube Squat and Row

Exercises which involve multiple compound exercises and work 2 major muscle groups simultaneously are terrific for those interested in weight loss. Perhaps the most natural and effective of these exercises is the squat and row. In order for the resistance band or tube squat and row to be effective you must have enough resistance. To get the most out of tube squat and row you should have a heavy set of adjustable resistance bands.

The resistance bands can be set up at a feet or up to waist level for this exercise. Adjusting the resistance will ultimately depend on how far you are away from where the resistance band is anchored. Since the band will be constantly pulling at you, you can use them as a counter balance with your outstretched arms as you do the squat. This counter balance actually allows most people to use better squat form by getting the hips back and going to a parallel position.

Although you can perform the tube squat and row 3 primary ways the best way to perform it is to perform a full squat with outstretched arms and as you reach the top of the squat and squeeze your glutes, perform the row and slowly let your arms to return to the outstretched position as you go through the downward phase of the squat.


jc predator best resistance tube home workout equipmentRequired Fitness Equipment

Resistance Bands

Heavy Resistance Tube (JC Predator) Recommended

Target Muscle(s)

Lats, Posterior Deltoids, Rhomboids, Middle Trapezius



Biceps Brachii


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