Tube Lateral Raises - Resistance Band Side Deltoid Raise

Lateral deltoid raises are perhaps the best exercise in which you can take advantage of resistance bands. Since the lateral (aka medial or side) deltoids are a relatively weak muscle and the weight of your arms contribute to the weight, even the weakest resistance bands can be used to train them. This is especially true if you use tube lateral raises as a "finisher' or 'burnout' exercise at the end of your shoulders workout.

Getting in the right position is important for getting the most out of this exercise. To do so, you must actually step over the resistance band with one foot, and step exactly in the middle of the resistance band with the back foot. This will position your arms to isolate the medial deltoids perfectly.

To isolate the medial deltoids make sure you keep your grip neutral (do not internally or externally rotate your forearms). You can progress the difficulty of this exercise by either adding extra resistance or adding small arm circles after each repetition (as seen in video below).

Safety Precautions of Tube Lateral Raises

Other than a freak accident with a resistance band snapping there is very little risk with this exercise. Perhaps the only real risk is from improper form and unnecessary use of this exercise. If you have shoulder problems, or your shoulder joint hurts you may have underlying issues and should either rest until it heals or seek a professional diagnosis of your shoulder injury.


tube lateral raises deltoid exercise videos workout videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Resistance Tube

Target Muscle(s)

Medial Deltoids




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