Tube Chest Press

In order to get the most out the chest press using resistance bands, you will likely have to have pretty strong resistance bands. Almost everyone can benefit from the tube chest press because it works a major muscle group. Whether you're a male bodybuilder looking to bulk up your massive pecs or a slim figured conscious woman wanting to shed a pound or 2, compound exercises are going to be the most effective at revving up your metabolism.

To perform the resistance band or tube chest press properly make sure your forearms should be aligned with your nipples. Remember to inhale while you let your arms return towards your body. This will help you keep your shoulder blades retracted which will keep the tension on the pectorals so you won't overwork your anterior deltoids which is known to cause a hunch back looking posture and overdeveloped front shoulders.

The resistance band chest press can be used in any workout which involves the chest. Since resistance bands are usually pretty limited as far as resistance goes, using this exercise towards the end of a chest workout when there is already muscle fatigue is going to likely be your best bet.


Tube Chest PressRequired Fitness Equipment

2 Handle Heavy Resistance Tube (JC Predator)



Target Muscle(s)

Pectoralis Major


Anterior Deltoids

Triceps Brachii




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