Tube Bench Crunch

Resistance band bench crunch is an exercise which will most likely be used by those with back problems. The incline bench allows you to sit at any angle. You can even set the bench at a 90 degree angle if your back bothers you during regular abdominal exercises.

To set this up, simply position an incline bench or even a normal chair with a back rest a couple feet from resistance band. Have the resistance band anchored against an immovable ojbect, hold the two handles right around your shoulders. Perform the crunch under the resistance. If the resistance isn't strong enough you can either move the bench further away from the door or use bodylastics or other heavy resistance bands. Tube bench crunch can be done on a Weider X factor or Body by Jake Tower 200 door gym as well.

Safety Precautions of the Tube Bench Crunch

If your exercise selection uses this exercise it is probably because of safety considerations but even though this is a very safe exercise for elderly or those with back problems, there are still some small risk involved. To combat any risk of acute or long term injury, make sure you perform the resistance band bench crunch under control and NEVER let the resistance band snap you back.

Tube Bench Crunch 6pack ab exercise videos six pack absEquipment Needed


Resistance Band

Heavy Resistance Tube (JC Predator) Recommended






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