TRX Suspension Trainer Standing Biceps Curls

About the Form & Proper Execution of TRX Suspension Trainer Biceps Curls

Standing biceps curls on the TRX Suspension trainer are a challenging way to build your biceps and forearms.  To perform the exercise stand up facing the TRX suspension trainer.  Grasp the handles with a supinated grip meaning your palms are facing upwards.

Once you have a solid grip on the handles, take a couple steps forward and slowly lean back until your arms are straight.  Keep your body in a rigid neutral alignment, take a deep breath and exhale as your flex your arms, pulling yourself upwards.

It is good practice to contract & squeeze your biceps for a split second once you have reached full flexion before you inhale as you extend your arms lowering yourself back to the original position and repeat.

As with all exercises on the TRX suspension trainer, the position of your body is going to determine how much resistance you will be lifting.  For this exercise, to decrease the resistance, simply take a ½ step backwards.

Another way to modify the difficulty of this exercise is to move your elbows away from your side and extend them out to around shoulder height which will not only increase the resistance on the biceps but recruit more stabilizer muscles in the shoulders and core.


Equipment Needed

TRX Suspension Trainer




Primary Stabilizers




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