TRX Suspension Trainer Reverse Crunch

TRX reverse crunch knee tuck targets your abs and core. The exercise is challenging for anyone because the core must maintain stabilization during the reverse crunching (aka knee tuck) motion.

More about the Form & Proper Execution of TRX Suspension Trainer Reverse Crunch

 Begin in a prone quadruped position and place the insteps of your feet inside the TRX straps, draw in your core,  lift your knees off the ground and take a deep breath. 

Keeping your spine neutral alignment, bring your knees towards your chest contracting your abdominals and exhaling at the end of the motion.  Slowly return your legs to the original position maintaining the neutral alignment of your spine while you keep your core muscles tight.

Crunching the abdominals at the end of this motion as you bring your knees towards your chest is crucial as it is the abdominal contraction.  If you do not do this, the TRX suspension trainer reverse crunch is actually solely working your hip flexors which get overworked rather easily.


Equipment Needed

TRX Suspension Trainer


Upper & Lower Abdominals

Hip Flexors

Primary Stabilizers


Arms, Shoulders

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