TRX Suspension Trainer Hamstring Curls

More about the Form & Proper Execution of TRX Suspension Trainer Hamstring Curls

TRX suspension trainer hamstring curls attempt to isolate the back of your legs.  Begin this exercise on the floor supine placing the bottom of your heels on the TRX straps.  Keep your arms on the floor keeping them relaxed for the duration of the moment.

To begin the motion, take a deep breath and squeeze your glutes and raise your hips off the floor keeping your spine as rigid as possible.  Draw in your core to stabilize your body and exhale as you slowly flex your legs at the knee by pulling your heels towards your glutes as you pull your knees up towards your chin.

Since you are attempting to isolate your hamstrings make sure you mentally focus on contracting them especially if you have tight, overactive hip flexors.  Tight overactive hip flexors can cause problems with your muscle balance and posture that can have dramatic, negative effects throughout your entire kinetic chain.

Always keep a rigid and neutral spine for the duration of this and all TRX suspension trainer exercises.




Equipment Needed

TRX Suspension Trainer




Hip Flexors

Primary Stabilizers

Glutes, Spinal Erectors, core



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