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TRX Suspension Trainer Right for my Fitness Program ?

The TRX suspension trainer has taken the fitness world by storm because of its downright simplicity. It consists of an adjustable strap which has 2 adjustable handles with ankle straps attached.

TRX exercises use your own body weight as resistance and can be mounted anywhere sturdy allowing you to work out in some situations where space and time is limited.

TRX for the Chest
  TRX Suspension Trainer Push-ups
trx suspension trainer push-ups


TRX for the Back
 TRX Rows


TRX for the Legs
  TRX Suspension Trainer Hamstring Curls


TRX for the Biceps
  TRX Suspension Trainer Standing Biceps Curls
TRX Standing Biceps Curls


TRX for the Triceps
  TRX Suspension Trainer Triceps Dips
Trx Triceps Dips


TRX for the Abs
  TRX Suspension Trainer Reverse Crunches
TRX Reverse Crunch


TRX for the Core
  TRX Suspension Trainer Plank

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