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What is the Trapezius and how is it worked in the Traps Exercise Videos ?traps exercise videos workout anatomy trapezious muscle

Since the trapezius is one of the largest muscles in the body in surface area it covers multiple joint actions. Exercises that primarily involve the middle and lower trapezius are not considered traps but rather back exercises.

The traps exercise videos on this page are all focusing on the upper traps. The upper trapezius or 'traps' as they're commonly referred to are mainly responsible for elevation or shrugging of the shoulders.

Who should do the Traps Exercise Videos

Traps exercises are not for everyone. Females are a prime example as most women aren't interested in obtaining the "football neck" of bodybuilders and American football players.  Another example of people contraindicated to these traps exercise videos are those with poor posture. 

It is very common for those who work desk jobs and are at a computer screen all day to develop tight upper trapezius muscles which can contribute to neck pain and even tension headaches.

Barbell Trapezius Exercise Videos
Barbell Upright Row
bar upright row
Barbell High Pulls
bar high pulls
Hex Bar Shoulder Shrugs
hex bar shrugs


Total Gym Cable Exercises for the Traps
Total Gym High Rows
 total gym high rows
Total Gym Lying Upright Row
Total Gym Lying Upright Row
Total Gym Kneeling Upright Row
Total Gym Kneeling Upright Row

Upcoming Dumbbell Traps Exercise Videos

Dumbbell Shrugs- coming soon

Dumbbell Upright Row - coming soon

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