Total Gym Triceps Kickbacks

Tricecps kickbacks have always been a popular exercise for isolating the triceps. Unlike dumbbell triceps kickbacks which have 'dead spots' in the range of motion where the load will not be fully distributed on the triceps muscle, kickbacks on resistance cables provide the triceps with the same resistance throughout the full range of motion.

You can use these Total Gym triceps kickbacks at any point of your triceps workout. If you are using them in a chest & triceps, or full body training split it is better off if you do them after the compound exercises which involve multiple muscles and joints.

Safety Considerations for Total Gym Triceps Kickbacks

Any time you are using the cables on the Total Gym you have to be careful about the way you distribute your body weight. If your body is suspended freely on the Total Gym bench by holding the cables your position will make it safe or unsafe. Since your upper body weight is leaning forward for kickbacks, you should have no instability problems but once you sit back up to a kneeling position you have to be very careful that you don't accidentally lose balance as it is hard to maintain from that position.

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