Total Gym Triceps Extensions

The triceps are an important muscle for anyone looking to have muscular or toned arms in addition to those who want to build strength for pushing exercises such as the bench press. The triceps extensions you can do on the Total Gym do a great job of isolating the muscles with the smooth cables using your body weight for resistance.

Since your body is lying flat on the platform it makes it difficult cheat by using the momentum from gravity or other body parts. During the Total Gym triceps extensions is important to keep your elbows in at the side of your body. Letting your elbows flare out to the sides will take the emphasis away from your triceps.

Even though the triceps are one of the small muscles, using isolation exercises can help you increase performance in compound exercises which use the triceps as a synergist. As long as you choose triceps extensions for your workout for the reason of strengthening a possible weak link in exercises such as the bench and shoulder press and don't expect them to help you lose arm fat, triceps extensions such as these ones on the Total Gym can be a welcome addition towards the end of any workouts involving them.

total gym triceps extensions exercise workout videosEquipment Needed

Total Gym


Triceps Brachii

Primary Stabilizers

Transverse Abdominis (core)



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