Total Gym Torso Twist - Obliques Rotation

Exercises in which the motion occurs in the transverse plane are lacking in many exercise programs. If you add the Total Gym torso twist to your workout you will be able to strengthen the muscles that act in the transverse plane and avoid the pitfalls of having weak oblique muscles.

The Total Gym torso rotation is a simple exercise to set up, simply sit near the top of the platform with your legs hanging off. You may need to hug the side of the Total Gym bench/platform slightly with the back of your legs so you don't slide. The motion of torso twist is optimally performed with an erect torso, tight core and neutral alignment of your back.

Oblique exercises are a good addition to anyone's exercise program. Those involved in any sports which have a rotational component (which is most) will also benefit greatly from adding the torso twist to their workout program whether it is on the Total Gym or other cable machine.


total gym torso twist oblique exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Internal Obliques

External Obliques

Primary Stabilizers


Shoulder Stabilizers


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