Total Gym Squat Jumps - Plyometric Jumping Squat

Since the maximum resistance is not going to be sufficient for many users of the Total Gym plyometric squat jumps can be used instead to increase demand for the the lower body musculature. The only problem with performing this explosive exercise is the Total Gym will roll when you jump, therefore you will have to either anchor the wheels some how, place the Total Gym against the wall or have someone stand on the base while you jump.

This is definitely not a beginner exercise but you can perform them as long as you have no major joint (specifically knee) problems or alignment issues. At the very least before you attempt this exercise make sure you have mastered various other forms of squats such as body weight squats so you know the proper hip-knee-ankle alignment.

Unlike plyometric jumping exercises performed upright on hard surfaces, doing them on the Total Gym will not give you as much uncomfortable shock to your muscles, bones and joints. Therefore you can perform these plyometric jumping squats at any time of your leg workout. For those just starting, it may be a good exercise to start your leg workout with and those advanced lifters will likely use them as a 'finisher' or 'burnout' exercise for the legs.


total gym squat jumps

Equipment Needed

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)


Glutes, Hamstrings



Inner/Outer Thighs (Stabilization)


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