Total Gym Single Leg Squat

The single leg squat can be used in a variety of ways. One reason to include a single leg squat in your workout program would be to assess the strength or strengthen each leg individually. A single leg squat is often a telling exercise as it can show if one leg has a potentially harmful muscle imbalance.

Another reason to do the single leg squat, especially on the Total Gym is you don't have to use as much resistance which can be hard on other body parts. Since even on the highest level, the Total Gym only provides around 50% of your body weight worth of resistance, many will find that to work legs effectively on it requires the use of the Total Gym single leg squat.

You can add the single leg squat at any point of your lower or full body workout programs. If you use the Total Gym to workout make sure you take advantage of other leg exercises in addition to those you do on the machine. Lunges are probably one of the best and most functional leg exercises you can do in addition to your Total Gym workouts.


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