Total Gym Seated Front Raise - Anterior Deltoid Raises

Since the anterior deltoids are a small part of the deltoids which are a relatively small muscle group it is not essential to isolate them for most people. One reason is the anterior deltoids are a synergist for most compound exercises for the chest and shoulders. Anyone looking to lose fat with exercise should be concentrating on compound exercises with large muscle groups or combination exercises which involve multiple muscle groups during a single exercise.

For people such as bodybuilders who are looking to build every square inch of the body's musculature, the Total Gym seated front raise is an adequate exercise to help strengthen the anterior deltoids. It can be used during any shoulder workout and is best used towards the end of your shoulder workout after all compound exercises which as shoulder presses and upright rows.


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Required Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Anterior Deltoids

Primary Stabilizers

Shoulder Stabilizers



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