Total Gym Reverse Crunches - Knee Tuck

The versatility of the Total Gym is on display when you perform reverse crunches aka knee tucks. These require you to place your hands on the floor at the end of the Total Gym and sliding the platform up (while positioned at a low level) before placing your feet on it. The reverse crunch comes at the end of a knee tuck where you will contract your abdominals from the opposite side as you would during the standard floor crunch.

The Total Gym reverse crunch is a great abdominal and core exercise if performed with correct form. Correct form means your lower back will be in neutral alignment (not arched) and you actually contract your abdominals at the end of the motion rather than simply flex your hips (marching motion). Regardless of your overall fitness goals, this exercise is a great exercise for anyone as it helps strengthen the deep core muscles as well as the abdominals.

Upper and Lower ChestEquipment Needed

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