Total Gym Push-Ups

If you had to choose between a handful of exercises to do push-ups would definitely make the cut. In addition to the chest, triceps and anterior deltoids, push-ups are a great core exercise if you perform them properly. Total Gym push-ups force you to stabilize the muscles in your shoulders and core more as the bench can slide upwards and downwards.

Unlike the majority of exercises on the Total Gym push-ups will become easier as the level gets higher. You can place your feet on the feet platform or on the floor, whichever feels better (there are no real pros or cons to either) and place your hands on the outer edge of the the bench. When you do the Total Gym push-ups try to minimize any motion of the Total Gym Bench which should NOT be resting at any point of this exercise.

As mentioned before, to increasing the difficulty of the Total Gym push-up is accomplished by lowering the level of the Total Gym bench which will force you to move a larger percentage of your body weight. You can also increase the difficulty by lifting a single foot from the floor making it harder to stabilize. Total Gym push-ups are great for any workout in which you wish to work the chest.

Safety Considerations for Push-ups on the Total Gym

Although this is a very safe exercise, be careful not to let your fingers go under the sliding Total Gym bench. If you use the feet platform, make sure you are in no danger of slipping. Finally, like all core exercises you must maintain proper form by keeping your core tight and lower back in neutral alignment to avoid pain and injury. If you experience pain in your lower back because of this, or any other joints for that matter, stop and move on to something that doesn't cause the pain and seek a professional to help you fix your problem.

total gym chest push ups exercise videos workout video

Required Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Anterior Deltoids




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