Total Gym Pullover Extension

Although the first time you see this exercise which is a combination of the cable pullover and triceps extension you will probably question the point of it, doing one set is all you need to change your mind. The Total Gym pullover extension is a combination exercise that feels very natural on the Total Gym. To perform the motion properly, try to keep your upper arms and elbows inline and close to your body for the duration of the movement (do not let elbows flare out).

This exercise is especially good for the long head of the triceps as they are recruited during the entire motion. If you are doing a workout on the Total Gym that has been involving the triceps this is a perfect exercise to use as one of your "burnout" or "finisher" exercises.

total gym pullover extension total gym workout videosEquipment Needed

Total Gym

Primary Target Muscles


Latissimus Dorsi

Primary Stabilizers



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