Total Gym Plyometric Shoulder Press

Although few exercises look as "funky" as the Total Gym plyometric shoulder press you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Using the the machine in a similar matter as Total Gym jumping squats you can perform an explosive shoulder press off the foot platform. This exercise is effective for strengthening the medial and surprisingly the rear deltoids. Since you must keep your shoulders retracted for the duration of the motion to complete each rep, your rear deltoids will get worked well while you strengthen your medial deltoids and triceps.

Safety Considerations

Landing on your head is not recommended for any activity and this is no exception. This is not an exercise for the squeamish as your head will seem like it is coming come close to hitting the Total Gym platform during each rep. The fact is, if you start from the correct position, there is almost no way to get hurt while doing this exercise. To not get hurt, make sure you stop the exercise by holding yourself steady with your hands before dismounting your feet. If you are not comfortable with doing it, there are many more effective shoulder exercises you can do with various pieces of fitness equipment.


total gym lying upright row shoulder exerciseRequired Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)




Primary Stabilizers

Lower Back (Erector Spinae)


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