Total Gym Lying Front Raises - Front Deltoid Raise

Like lateral raises on the Total Gym you can decrease the ability to cheat, hence focus on isolating the target muscles better by performing your front deltoid raise from a lying position. It is slightly difficult to get in the correct position for this exercise as you must sit as high as possible on the Total Gym bench.

The front deltoid raise is an isolation exercise which is not completely necessary for a lot of people depending on the amount of shoulder and chest presses you do. Of course any serious bodybuilder will find a time to work in front raises into their shoulder workouts. If you are not a bodybuilder and have goals such as fat loss, the Total Gym lying front raise is an accessory exercise that can be added later on in full body or shoulder workouts if you have time.


total gym lying front raises deltoid exercise videos workout videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Anterior Deltoids


Shoulder Stabilizers


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