Total Gym Lateral Raise - Medial Deltoid Raises

Lateral raises are a must-do exercise for anyone who is looking to build the shoulders. Since the lateral raise is the best exercise for isolating the medial deltoids they have always been a favorite amongst bodybuilders. The Total Gym lateral raise is superior to other forms of medial deltoid raises in some aspects. Perhaps the most important benefit of these supine lateral raises on the Total Gym is that you will not be able to cheat on your form as you would be able to do while standing.

Since you are in a supine position gravity will not be a factor, therefore forcefully arching your lower back, using your legs or any other jerking of your body will not help you with this exercise. You will likely have to start from a low resistance level when doing these supine lateral raises. If you are looking for more general fitness goals such as strength improvement or fat loss exercises which isolate smaller muscles such as this one will take a back seat to compound movements and combination exercises. On the other hand, if muscle building is your fitness goal, then this exercise is a perfect way to finish your deltoids workouts.


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Required Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Medial Deltoids

Primary Stabilizers

Shoulder Stabilizers





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