Total Gym Kneeling Upright Row

This is a great exercise for core workout junkies who are always looking for ways to integrate core exercise in other compound movements. Like any kneeling Total Gym exercise, the upright row is far more difficult from the knees due to the angle of the Total Gym bench and requiring you to stabilize another joint.

If you have healthy shoulders, the kneeling upright row on the Total Gym is a great exercise to add to any workout in which you work your shoulders or upper traps. If you have history of shoulder problems, make sure you perform this exercise with caution if at all. If working the core is not something you're interested in, you may wish to perform the standard upright row on the Total Gym, doing it from a seated position is not possible so you must perform the Total Gym lying upright row.


total gym lying upright row shoulder exerciseRequired Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Deltoids (medial & anterior)


Levator Scapulae



Shoulder Stabilizers, Biceps


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