Total Gym Kneeling Biceps Curls

The Total Gym allows you to kneel on the platform instead of sitting which requires a lot more core strength if you are doing anything with the Total Gym cables. Since your body is the resistance kneeling on the Total Gym platform forces you to stabilize at more joints (knees in addition to the hips) as opposed to being seated. Raising the level of the Total Gym platform increases the need for stabilization in addition to the resistance.

Like many exercises on the Total Gym the kneeling biceps integrate the core with the target muscles. Since the target muscles are the small biceps, working the core additionally benefits those with weight loss fitness goals as they are able to work as many muscle groups as possible during their workouts.

Even so, since the primary target is the small biceps muscles, these biceps curls are not going to be high on the priority list of anyone with weight loss goals. Those looking to integrate their core with biceps will find this to be a perfect exercise for any biceps workout. Since it isolates the small biceps muscles it is best to perform this (and most biceps exercises) after compound movements such as rows, pull-ups and lat pull downs.


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Required Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Biceps Brachii




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