Total Gym Hamstring Curls

The Total Gym not only allows core and compound exercises. You can isolate specific muscle groups and even the hamstrings rather easily. With the Total Gym leg attachment you can perform hamstring curls with little difficulty. The difficulty in this case is mounting the Total Gym. Since the design forces you to start with the Total Gym platform in an upward position you will have to find a way to balance while seated and put your legs in the leg attachment. Once you are in, you can perform repetitions by slowly lowering yourself down and pulling yourself and the platform back up to the top. Out of all the exercises on the Total Gym the hamstring curls seem to be pushing the usability perhaps a little too far. If you have other options for hamstrings isolation exercises you are likely going to be better off avoiding these Total Gym hamstring curls although if you need a hamstrings exercise in a pinch they can be adequate.


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Total Gym

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