Total Gym Hamstring Curl Crunches

With the Total Gym unlikely combinations of exercises is possible. This combination exercise hits the hamstrings and abdominals in one smooth motion. In this exercise the hamstrings and glutes are to be contracted fully at the top of the motion where you should perform a strict form abdominal crunch or even sit-up. The curl and crunch can be performed in a single smooth motion but should preferably be performed separately as to avoid using the hamstring curl's momentum to propel yourself up for the abdominal crunch. For the most common fitness goals of losing weight and toning up, combination exercises such as the Total Gym hamstring curl crunches can be considered some of the best exercises for losing weight.


total gym hamstring curl crunchesRequired Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)




Hip Flexors (for full sit-ups)




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