Total Gym Eccentric Single Arm Pullups

A very small percentage of people can perform standard pull-ups let alone single arm pull-ups. The Total Gym allows anyone to perform both. Total Gym eccentric single arm pullups take advantage of the factor that muscles can handle significantly more resistance on the negative (eccentric) portion of any lift than the positive (concentric). Since the focus of the pull-up is the eccentric portion, you can perform a standard pull-up to get yourself in position to perform the eccentric repetition. For these Total Gym pull-ups it is essential to maintain proper form and lower yourself under control for each repetition. Your entire upper body should be in contact with the Total Gym bench without jerking body every which way to cheat.



buy total gym home workout machine chuck norris says soRequired Fitness Equipment

Total Gym

Target Muscle(s)

Latissimus Dorsi


Biceps Brachii






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