Toe Touches

There are almost too many variations of the abdominal crunch to count and toe touches are yet another. Toe touches are a very basic abdominal crunch exercise in which you lie on your back, lift your feet in the air and reach with your hands towards your toes which forces you to use your abdominals lift your upper back and shoulders off the floor.

Having your feet in the air during toe touches is important because it will completely eliminate hip flexor involvement. Working the hip flexors is often confused for working the lower abdominals so many will consider toe touches to be an upper abdominal exercise.

Increasing the difficulty of toe touches can be accomplished by holding a weight in your hands or using wrist weights. You can also vary the exercise by reaching as far possible to the side of your feet and alternating sides. Toe touches can be performed at any point of your workout program and are a great choice to perform after the toe raises exercise.



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