Swiss Ball Incline Press

Nobody is going to confuse a stability ball for an incline bench but you can easily perform incline bench press on a stability ball provided it is sturdy enough to support the weight. The Swiss ball incline press works the same muscles as the incline press on a bench but has a couple advantages.

First of all, since you will be on a ball you are not bound to any particular angle of incline. This means you can position yourself in the angle which allows you to target your desired portion of (clavicular) upper pec muscle. Another advantage is the softer surface of the stability ball will possibly allow you to retract and stabilize your shoulders more easily than a hard incline bench.

If you prefer to perform the incline chest press on a bench there is no reason to use this Swiss ball incline press but you may want to try it for those situations when you either don't have an incline bench with an angle you like or simply want to try other angles. The stability ball incline bench should be one of the first 2 or 3 exercises you do in any working focusing on the chest muscle group.

stability ball bench pressRequired Fitness Equipment

Stability Ball

Loaded Barbell

Target Muscle(s)

Upper Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Anterior Deltoids, Shoulder Stabilizers

Triceps, Legs, Core


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