Supine Bridge

There is nothing advanced or exciting about the supine bridge but it is a very useful core exercise for beginners. The supine bridge can help you learn how to anterior and posterior rotate your pelvis and contract your glutes. It can also show you if you have overly tight hamstring muscles and weak glutes if you feel your hamstrings burning rather than the glutes. Since the glutes directly oppose the hip flexors, the supine bridge position is also a great exercise to perform after hip flexor intensive ab exercises to help relax the hip flexors.

Supine bridges can be performed as a static hold or dynamic motion. In order to perform them correctly make sure you keep a tight core and contract your glutes which should be the main muscle lifting your hips from the ground. Your lower back should not be arching and your stomach should not be protruding during the supine bridge.

The supine bridge is more for beginners who will do it on their first few workouts and basically graduate from it. As mentioned before, it can be an exercise which can be used to loosen up the antagonist hip flexor muscles which are problematically tight in sedentary individuals.

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