Supinating Biceps Curls (Standing)

As far as 'show exercises' go, the biceps curl probably tops the list. Other than arm wrestling, having strong biceps will not help you in sports but the biceps are definitely one of the top few 'showoff' muscles. Supinating dumbbell biceps curls are probably the #1 biceps exercise for building the biceps.

The reason why supinating biceps curls are the best biceps exercise is because it is a complete biceps exercise. The biceps not only flex the arm at the elbow but they supinate (rotate outwards) the forearms. Supinating biceps curls combine elbow flexion and forearm supination under resistance.

You can use supinating biceps curls at any time if you are doing a biceps-only workout. If you are working your biceps along with your back, they the curls will come after all compound (rows & pulls) exercises. Be careful not to overdo it with biceps curls. Like any muscle in the body, if there is muscle soreness from a previous workout, doing more can lead to overuse injury or muscle plateau.


supinating biceps curls best biceps workout bicep videosEquipment Needed


Target Muscle(s)

Biceps Brachii







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