Sumo Dead Lift

Like standard deadlifts the sumo dead lift is a great exercise for full body development. While the only visual differences from regular deadlifts are the stance and grip, sumo deadlifts have some mechanical differences when compared to standard dead lifts.

Which form of deadlift you choose for your exercise program is largely a matter of preference. If you feel more comfortable with a wider stance sumo deadlifts are best for you. Regardless of your workout split, the deadlift should be one of the very first exercises you do in your program because they require full body strength. It would be unwise to perform any exercises which fatigue your grip before doing the sumo dead lift.

Safety Precautions for Sumo Deadlifts

Regardless of whether an exercise is considered to be "safe" or not, there is always a risk of getting injured. Having current and past injuries will always increase the risk so make sure you are 100% when you attempt challenging exercises.

The risk when performing the deadlift and sumo deadlift is increased as weight is increased. With proper form, the deadlift is a very safe exercise but extremely heavy loads can cause even the most experienced lifters to lose their perfect form. When perfect form is compromised it is important to know your limits, if you are at failure and cannot get the weight any higher, drop it.

Wearing a weight belt can help reduce the chance of lower back injury so use one when you are lifting heavy. If dead lifts are not working for you, try the barbell hack squat which is easier on the back.

sumo dead lifts leg exercise videosEquipment Needed

Loaded Barbell


Full Body

Legs, glutes, Inner / outer thighs

Lower Back (Erector Spinae)



Core, Full body stabilization


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