Step Up Shoulder press

Step-ups are probably on the bottom of any list of exciting exercises but there is no debate that they are an important functional exercise. Since step-ups simulate a very common ADL (Activity of Daily Living) they are one of the best exercises to perform if your fitness goals include improving the quality of life.

Step-ups also work all the muscles in the lower body in addition to helping improve balance and coordination. Once you master the step-up you can add shoulder press at the top to work 2 muscle groups at once. Exercises which work two muscle groups at the same time are perfect exercises to include in your program if you have general fitness and weight loss goals as you be able to spend less time resistance training and have more time to burn cardio.

Step-up shoulder press can be performed at any point of your full-body or legs & shoulders workout. When you perform the step-up make sure to step up on the plyo box/bench/step with the whole sole of your shoe making contact with the bench. This helps you recruit the glute muscles as well as decreases the chances of patello-femoral joint problems from leg exercises.



step up shoulder press squat legs workout exercise videosRequired Fitness Equipment


Elevated Step

Target Muscle(s)

Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings






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