Stationary Lunge Jumps

You don't have to be an athlete looking for improvements in explosive power to use these stationary lunge jumps, or jumping split squats. As long as you have healthy joints, you can use this like any lower body muscle toning exercise. If your body is truly ready for advanced exercises such as stationary lunge jumps they can be performed at any part of a leg workout.

Stationary Lunge Jump Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount when performing all exercises and you should especially look at all plyometric (jumping) exercises under a microscope because potential for injury is always going to be elevated. First of all, to prevent injury you should be somewhat trained before advancing to this exercise. There are plenty of variations of the lunge to master before this one.

While you do the exercise the first danger is hitting your back knee on the floor during one of your transitions. Hitting your knee on a hard surface such as cement or a hardwood floor could possibly break your patella (knee cap) which is a very bad injury. Secondly, performing stationary lunge jumps when you're not warmed up risks a muscle pull. Finally, while performing the exercise with good form there is little risk, bad form can risk injuries especially with the knees. Make sure you land with your front leg in the proper position, knee above heel and do not let your front knee travel forward past your knee.


Stationary lunge Jumps  leg exercise videos combination exercises workouts videoEquipment Needed


Dumbbells, Barbell Optional


Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps


Inner/Outer Thighs (Stabilization)

Calves (Soleus & Gastrocnemius)


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