Standing Side Barbell Twist

Like the forward standing barbell twist, you can either attempt to tone your mid-section and obliques or build explosive rotational power with the standing side barbell twist. This version of the barbell twist involves starting with the one barbell off to the side and the other end resting in your hands, with a close, alternating grip across your hips.

From the starting position you must rotate your arms in the path guided by the barbell under the resistance of the barbell and any attached weight plates. If your goal is to tone and strengthen the obliques and the mid-section you should keep your hips as stable as possible while you turn your shoulders only. If explosive power is what you're after you can assume more of an athletic stance and allow the natural movement throughout your entire kinetic chain transferring the energy from your feet all the way through your body primarily with your obliques.

The side standing barbell twist is a great exercise to use in the midst of a tough abdominal training program which will likely include several of this master list of abdominal, core and obliques exercises.


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