Standing Military Press

Overhead shoulder press from a standing position is commonly referred to as the standing military press. If you have healthy shoulders, the military press will be one of your most important exercises for total body development. The military press is going to be one of the first exercises to do in most shoulder workouts.

Safety Considerations with Standing Military Press

It is important you keep a stabilized core during military press. This can be accomplished by keeping your core and glutes contracted so your back does not arch. If you use excessively heavy weight the first thing you will do is arch your back to compensate and this is where injuries happen.

Since you have a heavy loaded barbell directly above your head, make sure you know what to do (get out of the way of the falling bar) if something unexpected happens. Yet another common problem with the military press is rotator cuff injuries. To avoid injuring your rotator cuff make sure to stop doing the exercise if you feel a twinge in your shoulder and most importantly keep the weight under control as the small, weak rotator cuff muscles will have to help to decelerate the weight and could get overloaded leading to injury.



standing military press deltoid exercise videos workout videosRequired Fitness Equipment

Loaded Barbell

Target Muscle(s)

Anterior Deltoids

Medial Deltoids



Shoulder Stabilizers



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