Staggered Push-Ups

The push-up is one of the most basic, simple and convenient exercises you can perform anywhere with just a little bit of free floor space. There are several ways to make push-ups more difficult and change the emphasis to different muscles.

One of the ways is to perform staggered push-ups which involves putting one arm forward and one arm back. What you really are doing is putting more weight on the arm which is closer (down) to your body. This makes staggered push-ups a perfect progression for those looking to eventually have the strength and coordination for one-arm push-ups. If one-arm push-ups is your goal, try to decrease the amount of weight you push with the (up) arm further away from your body.

In addition to performing staggered push ups in place you can perform them in a walking manner. This method involves putting one hand forward and walking with your feet so your whole body moves forward like a crocodile. For this motion core stabilization is essential.

You can perform staggered push-ups as part of any workout that involves the chest muscle group and especially for any push-up program in which the push-up is your primary chest exercise. Another common name for staggered push-ups is 'alligator push-ups'.

staggered push ups chest exercisesRequired Fitness Equipment


Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)

Anterior Deltoids

Triceps Brachii




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