Stability Twist Walkouts - Swiss Ball Roll outs with Hip Rotation

The ability to progress stability ball exercises is one of the main advantages of using them. Stability ball twist walkouts are a few progressions from the floor plank. Once you master all the progressions from the floor plank, you are ready for this very challenging core, abdominals and obliques exercise.

The stability ball twist walk out is a great exercise for anyone interested in developing the core muscles. In addition it is a great exercise for swimmers and any other athlete who participates in sports with a rotational component such as baseball, throwing sports, track & field and more.

The best position to begin stability ball walkouts in is with your hands on the floor and your upper thighs and waist resting comfortably on a stability ball. As you walk forward with your hands, you are to keep your core in a neutral alignment with your body almost perfectly parallel with the floor. Once you walk out to a position where your shins are both on the ball, you perform an obliques twist, rolling the ball to one side while you keep your core muscles contracted and your spine in the same neutral alignment.

To Ensure your Safety Follow the Following Guidelines

Time and time again people get injured from doing what they thought were 'harmless exercises' with poor form. The main cause of proper form with stability ball exercises is failing to progress them properly. If you went through the proper progressions you should have impeccable form by the time you do stability ball walkouts with a twist but if you didn't the primary risk is injuring your lower back.

To avoid injuring your lower back you simply have to keep your core drawn in so your lumbar spine (lower back) is not arched, this will ensure your core is engaged and supporting your spine properly. Another safety consideration involves the wrists. Walkouts or rollouts can be hard on the wrists, especially those who are overweight. If you experience pain on the back of your wrists or your hands, it is a good idea to stop immediately and persue another core exercise.


Stability Ball twist Walkouts core exercise videosEquipment Needed

Stability Ball

Target Muscle(s)

Core (Transverse Abdominis)






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