Stability Ball Push-Ups - Feet

Out of all resistance training exercises, push-ups likely have the most variations. Using the stability ball to put your feet not only makes the push-up more of a core exercise, it changes the emphasis from the lower pec muscles to the upper pec muscles. The primary use of Swill ball pushups with the feet on the ball is going to be for those with general fitness goals which include strengthening the core and chest muscle group.

Since the stability ball pushups use your body weight for resistance, they are not going to increase the strength as much as heavy resistance exercises such as the bench press will. If your primary fitness goals are increasing strength push-ups on stability balls may be good at the beginning of your workout program but will take a back seat to adding resistance with free weights or cables as you advance.

Perhaps the best use of any body weight exercises on stability balls are with core exercise programs or beginner strength programs. The push-ups may also be used later on in a chest workout as one of the final exercises you use if "going for the burn" is how you like to work out.

Stability Ball Push-UpsRequired Fitness Equipment

Stability Ball

Target Muscle(s)

Chest (Pectoralis Major)


Anterior Deltoids




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