Stability Ball Plank - Static Swiss Ball Exercise

You can progress core exercises easily with the addition of an unstable surface such as a stability ball. It should be easy to see why the stability ball plank is more difficult than the floor plank as you must hold the very unstable stability ball in place by using your core muscles.

You can further progress the stability ball plank in many ways. One way to increase the difficulty is by decreasing the stability further. You can do this a variety of ways including simply lifting a single foot off of the stability ball or even using a second unstable surface such as a BOSU or wobbly board for your feet.

Another way to progress the stability ball plank is to move your arms forward. The dynamic advanced stability ball plank is much more difficult and can be should only be used once you are able to hold the plank position with impeccable biomechanics for extended periods of time. You can use the Swiss ball plank during any core workout but avoid using excessive core exercises if you plan to perform exercises with heavy weights later on in the workout such as dead lifts, squats or heavy military press.

Safety Issues with the Stability Ball Plank

Falling off the stability ball and getting injured is always going to be a risk, especially if you're not fully focused. Besides any freak accidents, the major safety concern for anyone doing the stability ball plank is putting too much stress on your lower back. Swiss ball planks are meant to stress the core only so if you feel your lower back is under distress, stop. This can happen if you lose your core stabilization, your hips tilt to the anterior and drop and your lower back arches.


stability ball plank core exercise videosEquipment Needed

Stability Ball

Target Muscle(s)

Core (Transverse Abdominis)


Shoulder Stabilizers


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