Stability Ball Crunches - Intermediate Ab Exercise

For most people who buy a stability ball, abdominal crunches are the reason for doing so. Even though the Swiss ball is useful for many great core and abdominal exercises, stability ball crunches are probably the very best exercise to do on them. The reason why stability ball crunch is such a great exercise and an improvement over the floor abdominal crunch is the extra range of motion.

Unlike the flat surface of the ground the ball has a rounded surface which enables you to lie back at the beginning of your crunch. This little extra range of motion goes a long way to making the stability ball crunch one of the best abdominal exercises.

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Required Fitness Equipment

Stability Ball

Target Muscle(s)





How to use Correct form for Stability Ball Crunches

Start: Begin from a seated position on the stability ball and slowly walk forward until your lower and mid back are on the stability ball. You can either fold your arms across your chest (easier) or hold both arms behind your head (more difficult). You want to lie back and rest on the ball and draw in your core.

Begin the motion: Without moving the ball at all, slowly lift your chest up towards the ceiling, crunching your abdominals basically bring your rib cage as close as you can to your iliac crest (highest part of the front of the hip bone). Once you crunch your abdominal, slowly lower your body all the way back to the original position and repeat.

Breathing: Take a deep breath before you start your crunch. Slowly exhale as you crunch up towards the ceiling and then inhale slowly as you return to the starting position.


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